Huntstanton Primary

House Teams

My child is in a House at Hunstanton Primary School. What does that mean?

Every child at Hunstanton Primary School is in a House. Staff at school are also linked to particular houses. A House is like a team. We have four Houses:

Boudicca: Yellow / House Captains - Lexi and Dominic L

Edmund: Blue / House Captains - Logan and Ackshara

Le Strange: Green / House Captains - Ryley and Miley

Nelson: Red / House Captains - Kaiden and Lionel

Children wear coloured shirts that match their House colour when they are competing in sports events such as inter house cross country events and sports days. Children also have a badge that they can wear on their jumpers which matches their House colour. Each House has House Captains and a Sports Captain. These positions are held by Y6 pupils.

Each term, children take part in a House Afternoon. During this afternoon, they meet as a House and do exciting activities with members of staff from the same House.

Every week children can earn house points for effort, showing good personal qualities and academic achievement. These are recorded on a House Point card. Once the House point card is completed, children receive a certificate to recognise their achievement.

During Friday assembly we give out House Point Certificates and we announce which House has earned the most House Points during the week. We also total up the points each term.

The ultimate goal is to reach Diamond status.