Huntstanton Primary

Marvellous Me

What is MarvellousMe? 

Keeping you informed of your child's achievements at school is important to us, so we are pleased to be using the MarvellousMe parent engagement system.

This is a free app which helps you to have more meaningful conversations with your child about their day, to continue your child's learning and practise topics covered in class, to celebrate and reinforce their successes and positive behaviours.

If you are not yet signed up to MarvellousMe, please ask at the office for a join code.

Important MarvellousMe update

Please read the information below regarding the upgraded app and follow the link to see the flyer

Dear parents,

MarvellousMe has upgraded their Parent app this week. This new version delivers a 30-day News Centre (the number one feature parents have been asking for!), fixes notification bugs and includes other improvements.

You may have already seen an email from MarvellousMe however, if you haven’t already done so, it is essential that you follow the below:

  1. Check your device is running the latest operating software.

  2. Update the MarvellousMe app via the App Store or Google Play.

    1. To do this, type ‘MarvellousMe’ into the search bar, click on the ‘MarvellousMe for Parents’ icon and select ‘update’.

    2. Your phone may have already updated MarvellousMe automatically in which case it will just have an ‘open’ button.

  1. Open the MarvellousMe Parent app then

  • Tap ‘Settings’

  • Toggle the ‘Get device notifications’ switch off and back on again. Even if it shows as ‘On', you must switch it ‘Off' and ‘On’ once. This step is particularly important to ensure you receive MarvellousMe notifications going forward and benefit from the upgrade.

Please refer to the guide attached or contact MarvellousMe directly through the ‘User Guide & Help’ section in the app if you need any support.

Thank you for using MarvellousMe

Follow this link for the

Guide to Parentapp update