Huntstanton Primary

Flourish Group with Mrs McQuade

The Flourish Group is a space for children to learn , grow and flourish. It encourages small groups of children with different abilities and ages to join together, allowing them to explore new friendships, understand their value, share opinions, ideas and work together as a team.

It has been our first term as the Flourish Group and we have already done so many exciting things, from building our own area to learn and exploring in, investigating the playing field and creating our own flags.  The children have named themselves " The Believe Team", as they believe that together they can do anything.  We are so proud of all the children that are in the group for showing such amazing  team work, willing to give different things a try and having  such a infectiously positive attitude.   

Here are some of the things the children have said.

"I don't normally like lunchtimes but when I joined this group I have had the best times. There are so many fun things and we have made friends."

"We sing "we believe" because we are a team called The Believers!"

"We created a bug hotel and even found a deer, we named her Bambi. We made wishes on paper and it's all we ever need , it is truly amazing  and we all love it just the way it is. We are believers not leavers, we build our friendships."