Huntstanton Primary

Our Vision

 Our Vision for Hunstanton Primary School

To ensure all our children feel successful, enjoy learning and aspire to be the best they can be, regardless of their starting point


We need to ensure that the whole curriculum is accessible to all pupils.

All teachers will have the skills to ensure that every child can access activities they have planned.

All children will be taught in a positive environment and feel that they can succeed.

All children will know how they can apply their skills and interests. We want the interests of children to lead the curriculum where they can. 

Children will want to meet challenging targets and want to achieve more.


Children will enjoy coming to school and have the opportunity to regularly be part of exciting lessons. 

Children will want to be at school beyond the normal school day to undertake a range of activities.

All children will know that their efforts and achievements, in school and in the community will be celebrated and displayed around the school.

They will have regular opportunities to share their achievements with parents and carers.

An increased percentage of children will show enthusiasm to take part in activities before, after and beyond school. 

All children will feel they have a stake in and value 

  • the school
  • the environment
  • the community


We shall have high expectations and aim to become an outstanding primary school.

We shall aim to keep our status as a primary school, but keep options open to work with others.

We shall analyse and respond to data more effectively to raise standards further.

Children will be able to self-evaluate and also be well informed so that they know how to make further progress.

Children will be ambitious and want to develop skills further.

Children will be signposted towards areas of excellence by school staff.

Inspirational speakers will be invited into school from a range of different backgrounds to help children broaden their aspirations. 

We shall raise aspirations with children who need most help to be 'the best they can be'.